About Clean Air Partners

Clean Air Partners is a public-private partnership educating the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region about the health risks of poor air quality. For more than 20 years, we have empowered individuals and organizations to take simple actions to reduce pollution and protect public health.


Why Air Quality Matters

Although regional air quality is improving, pollution still threatens the health of 7.5 million people in our region and creates harmful effects on the environment and our ecosystems. Poor air quality days impact our friends, neighbors, children, family, coworkers, and our environment. 

“Air pollution prevention is the key to the quality of life for all!"

George Clark, Tri-county Council for Southern Maryland.

It's easier than you may think.

Simple actions may include:

  • Using public transit,
  • Teleworking or sharing a ride to work,
  • Bundling your errands on Code Orange or Red air quality days,
  • Trading in your charcoal grill for gas or electric,
  • Using eco-friendly yard care products,
  • Maintaining an energy efficient home,

If we work as a community, changing the little things makes a big difference over the long term.

With every breath, air quality matters.


Stay in-the-know and check out your daily air quality forecast for the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region. Our helpful guide uses the U.S. EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI) rating air quality with color codes and levels of air pollution. Healthy air quality is reflected in Code Green, while poor air quality is reflected in Code Orange, Red, and Purple (very unhealthy).