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sarah.shpak@gmail.comOn the Air 2020: Exploring Air Pollution Sources and Solutions

The interactive On the Air education curriculum provides teachers with information and resources to teach students about air quality and climate issues. The On the Air curriculum was developed with middle school students in mind, at schools within the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region. However, the curriculum is accessible to science teachers across the country and can be viewed at the On The Air website or downloaded any time.

What can you expect from On the Air 2020?

  • 5 modules aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), and the Common Core State Standards for Math & Literacy
  • Inquiry-based 5E lesson sequences built around local phenomena
  • Engaging and interactive lessons with a wide variety of student-centered activities
  • Media and technology-rich experiences that enhance student learning
  • Available through a web-based interactive platform or downloadable PDFs for accessing and implementing the curriculum

The students of today will be leaders in reducing air pollution tomorrow. On the Air provides students with information about how they can make a real difference and inspires long-term action. 

If you have any questions about the On the Air curriculum or summer program, please contact one of our Education Program Managers, Rebecca Davis or Sarah Shpak.

Download the Curriculum

The 5 modules that comprise the curriculum revolve around key concepts in air quality. The curriculum also includes and introduction with guidelines for teaching the curriculum. Modules are available to download as individual units or you can download the complete curiculum: