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Be an innovator. Engage with Clean Air Partners to achieve new goals and reach new heights through collaboration. We’re here to work with you to empower our communities to reduce air pollution and protect public health through unique, customizable, and innovative campaigns. Together, we can make clean air possible.

Despite changing weather conditions and temperatures, air quality has continued to show dramatic improvement across the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region, as a result of tighter emission controls and voluntary and community-based programs like Clean Air Partners. This progress would not be possible without the support of our sponsor organizations.

Sponsor Clean Air Partners Events in August 2022!
Join Clean Air Partners in reaching thousands of area residents with important messages about the small steps we all can take to help improve air quality during the hottest time of year when ground-level ozone is greatest. The deadline for Ozone Action Month sponsors is July 15, 2022. Download the sponsorship levels information here and contact us today!

Clean Air Partners Eco-Driving Exhibit
The Clean Air Partners Eco Driving Exhibit is an eye-catching display that educates the public about ways to reduce vehicle emissions. The backdrop is a large campaign-branded wall that displays air quality messages and real tips on how to reduce mobile-source emissions. Alongside the wall is a head-turning visual — a vehicle encased in a clear plastic bubble. A large screen invites participants to engage with the exhibit via a contactless interactive trivia. The challenge is composed of questions on driving behaviors and their impact on emissions and air quality. As players view trivia, puffs of “smoke” vapor, representing vehicle emissions, shoots from the tailpipe into the bubble, delivered air quality messaging in a fun, compelling, and memorable way.

Outreach that Makes an Impact!
Eco-Driving Exhibit visitors responded to an iPad survey set up on a stand near the display. After seeing the display:

  • 95% of respondents reported that the display attracted attention.
  • 88% of respondents said that they learned something new about vehicle emissions.

Bring the Eco-Driving Exhibit to Your Event!
The head-turning, experiential, and educational Eco-Driving Exhibit is available to be customized and deployed at indoor and outdoor events across the greater Baltimore-Washington region – green living expos, county festivals, open streets events, sports games, shopping areas, and more! Pricing is scalable based on duration, location, branding, and components desired. Download the base price sheet here and then contact us.

You can be a part of the team advocating for cleaner air and a healthier community in our region. Contact us to learn about how your organization or company can work with Clean Air Partners.