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Be an innovator. Engage with Clean Air Partners to achieve new goals and reach new heights through collaboration. We’re here to work with you to empower our communities to reduce air pollution and protect public health through unique, customizable, and innovative campaigns. Together, we can make clean air possible.

Despite changing weather conditions and temperatures, air quality has continued to show dramatic improvement across the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region, as a result of tighter emission controls and voluntary and community-based programs like Clean Air Partners. For example, during the ozone season of 2018, there were zero Code Red days in the Baltimore region and the Washington, D.C. region experienced just one Code Red day. This progress would not be possible without the support of our sponsor organizations.

While partnering with us to improve air quality, your organization will also benefit. If you’re seeking regional media exposure, paid social media campaign exposure, access to air quality resources, engagement and association with like-minded advocates, and the opportunity to engage in high-level events, a sponsorship with Clean Air Partners can help you reach these goals.

You can be a part of the team advocating for cleaner air and a healthier community in our region. Contact us to learn about how your organization or company can work with Clean Air Partners.